Fulana Beltrana Sicrana is a brand of textile sculptures, founded in Lisbon in 2012 by Benedetta Maxia, italian living in Portugal since 2003. 

Each doll is carefully made by her in her studio and it’s always slighlty different. She mainly use vintage, recycled, limited edition, and sample fabrics. The brand is organised by collections with different features. Some are mainly conceived as toys – original designs made by soft materials, resistant and, sometimes, with a pedagogical aspect. Others are conceived as an art piece – inspired by famous characters, made in limited editions, numbered and where each small detail counts. Besides the collections, the brand makes unique and personalised dolls, made-to order, based on real people pictures. 

Since 2012, she has been collaborating with several artist and brands, such as the fashion designer Alexandra Moura, Burel Mountain Originals or the children publishing house Alfarroba and she has been making characters for plays, movies and ads.

The work has been published in magazines such as the american’ Stuffed – The Crafting of Softies’ and the dutch ‘Textiel Plus’ and ‘FLOW Netherlands’.

Fulana Sicrana Beltrana at Portugal Manual

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