THE BRAND | JOÃO BRUNO DESIGN Through the fusion of craftsmanship and design, a singular and inspiring vision emerges. In each piece the hand of the artist is always present, and one is drawn into a subtle mastery, and clear depth of purpose. Precision and harmony flow. Taking humble and ordinary woollen yarn, the threads are interlaced into different forms and vibrant webs of colour, creating new and extraordinarily unique objects. In his work João Bruno Videira draws on a geometry that lifts the spirit and intensifies all the senses.

THE DESIGNER | JOÃO BRUNO VIDEIRA is a self-taught artisan and furniture designer since 2006, when he created his first own brand: “água de prata”, with which he reinvented the use of a traditional and excellency raw-material in Portugal: wool.
He has represented Portugal in several International design fairs and exhibitions such as at the Palermo Design Week in 2010, the London Design Fair in 2017 and 2019 and the Dutch Design Week in 2019. João Bruno used to work as a TV journalist and as an independent video producer as well, till he found in art and design his new way of expression.

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