The “inquisitive age” has not yet passed for Maria Pratas. She was born in Coimbra, 1970. She is an Arts Education teacher. When she was a child, she looked at her grandfather as "a Renaissance man, an artist in the broad sense, who was used to touch tools as if they were the extension of his hands", without knowing the influence this would have on her life. Now she realizes the impact that these images recorded in childhood have in the beginning of her creative process.

Pursuer of decoration magazines and others with beautiful images, she quickly saw herself creating objects that were missing in certain environments. This is how the textile artist is: passionate about creating new objects through the transformation of materials. “In order to relax and create, you need organization, method and rigor”.

She likes the beauty and knows how subjective this concept can be. But the experience has also taught her that it´s possible to discuss taste and learn from it. She swapped Coimbra and Lisbon for the Algarve, where she feels on an eternal vacation.

Maria Pratas at Portugal Manual

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