VIRA Lab is an upcycling carpentry workshop that designs and makes small furniture, design objects and quality accessories using wood and other raw materials obtained from end-of-life objects (eg waste or non-working furniture, production residues, recycled material) creating something completely new, functional and durable.

VIRA Lab aims to raise awareness of sustainable production, the circular economy and “Handmade in Portugal"

The face behind VIRA Lab: Fabrizio Suzzi

Fabrizio was born in Italy but moved to Portugal 7 years ago and has never left since.

He fell in love in such a way that decided to give here life to his project Vira Lab. He has always been an art lover and passionate about handicrafts and carpentry, however it was in the last 3 years that this passion became more focused towards sustainable awareness, subsequently developing an interest in the circular economy and the recycling of materials.

In 2017, after attending a carpentry workshop, he decided to give meaning to his professional life and dedicate himself to this art, collaborating for almost 2 years with a Design & Joinery Workshop where he acquired experience in product design, manual joinery techniques and use of electrical equipment. With VIRA Lab project, Fabrizio wants to continue exploring and improving the full potential of Creative Recycling & Upcycling by transforming and creating unique pieces and at the same time, contributing to the protection of the environment.

VIRA lab, beautiful furniture built with quality craftsmanship, environmental awareness and lots of love.


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