"Hello, my name is Maria Flavia and I am the creator of Marie. If there is something I admire, is REAL people. The ones that are growing and discovering themselves, but who do not stop being who they really are. Being real gives you a special sparkle".

Marie started on Maria Flavia's awakening process as a woman, by getting dressed only to herself and questioning, “what would I wear if no one sees me?”. Breaking free from the idea of “inside and outside”, joining comfort and beauty in just one piece. 

With this brand, Maria understood what is working with heart and be at service of women. She found out this is something truly special and liberating.

Marie are the Women we all carry inside ourselves. Marie is free and gorgeous, who seeks to love herself and to be herself. Marie’s pieces are produced responsibly in cooperation with Portuguese companies, made with full attention to detail and respect for nature. The brand wants to make sure that all pieces are useful and at the end of their life cycle, can be brought back to the Universe.

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