Wayz was founded in Porto, at the end of 2018, by Pedro Maçana and Daniel Gonçalves.

"It's a dream that gathers all our passions, beliefs, values and much more.Wayz was born from our deep belief that society should evolve and have a more global concern for HUMANITY. We want to see more SOCIAL and ENVIRONMENTAL RESPONSIBILITY in brands and companies engaged in caring about PEOPLE and our PLANET.
Our Mission is to create ethical sneakers, made to last, with timeless design and sell them at fair prices so they can be accessible to more and more people."

Wayz sneakers are locally made with eco-friendly materials: vegetable tanned leather (biodegradable), recycled polyester and recycled rubber. All the shoe components are sourced and production takes place within a 70kms radius in Porto, Portugal. They can be fully recyclable at the end of their (long) life!

"We give back to society helping socially vulnerable and homeless people in Porto - 1% of our sales is donated to a local NGO, SAOM."

Walk Your Way.


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