Based in Lisbon, Portugal, and with many years in advertising career, Clélia Parreira, redesigns her journey in the world of contemporary jewellery through her project Clélia Jewellery. Deeply inspired by nature and art, she uses the physical and artistic universe as a canvas for her creations, reflecting strong emotions, creativity, and artistic energy derived from everyday experiences.

Her pieces are created with traditional and artisan techniques. Yet, they demonstrate an understanding and connection between "noble" and traditional metals, combined with varied materials, thus giving a greater diversity of expression and dimension to her collections.

Her work is based on the transparency of “Me” as a human being. She perceives the jewel as a revealing element of one’s personality. Not only aims to reflect the history and passion of the jewel itself, but also, through her observation, to make the jewel an extension of the person who uses it.

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