MYKUBO is the first online showroom which has a consistent portfolio with an excellent quality and put together the work from Portuguese artisans, artists, designers and brands, promoting the meeting between art lovers and creators. We also embrace projects from other nationalities if they are based in Portugal. 

At MYKUBO we believe in products created by people that tell stories and emotions with every detail of the piece. We want to share the persistent and courageous spirit of artisans and contemporary artists, independent designers and innovative brands.


MYKUBO values the artist while respecting the timings for creating an original piece of art.
It is understanding conscious consumption. Our client looks for meaning in objects and have interest in its history, valuing the quality and detail in unique pieces.


MYKUBO is an open book, a curious experiment, a singular case. We also thought that maybe it was time we heard and learned more about the creative process itself, and not only about the end-product sitting on a pretty shelf or showroom. We want to show you how clay turns into a fabulous vase, or how wool can be turned into a rainbow tapestry (not hurting any unicorns in the process). The metamorphosis , the transformation, the magic, the rabbit inside the hat. So, this is what MYKUBO is all about: a talent cube which shows you the bold and the brave, and what art and design is all about: talent and work.

(The Earth might be round but we think it might need a few stretching exercises once in a while. So, the next time you hear a self-proclaimed guru saying that you need to think outside of the box, nod your head, clap your hands, but know that the box for us, is literally, a cube.)

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