Portugal Manual is a network of contemporary artisans and entrepreneurs in an ecosystem of business and knowledge transmission, in order to make known to the world the best of made in Portugal. Its mission is to reposition the image of Portugal through new perspectives that redraw objects, ideas and values.

Portugal Manual believes in the know-how of new artisans, combining manual tradition with imagination and reinventing concepts with a contemporary, creative and cosmopolitan look.


Created and managed by Filipa Belo, an enthusiast of entrepreneurship, sustainable consumption and sharing economy:

"I studied Sociology. I worked 10 years in Tourism, but with the experience of motherhood, I decided to change and it was in Marketing that I found my way. I coordinated the first sustainable market in Portugal, through which I discovered a new passion: modern Portuguese artisanship. Proud mother of two, my life is passion and always looking for new creative challenges."

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