Zipper Necklace Bronze
Zipper Necklace Bronze
Zipper Necklace Bronze

Zipper Necklace Bronze

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The Portuguese designer Filipe Faísca created the Zipper Necklace after having received an invitation from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. The ARCO School Jewellery Department, on its 25th anniversary, challenged former collaborators to the creation of an art piece for the commemorative exhibition.

According to Filipe Faísca the inspiration for the Zipper happened when he saw the prototype of a zip fastener named Looping manufactured in the factory he worked at the time. Then came a long period of reflexion and experiments so that he could improve in the final result. 



Widht: 08

Length: 120 cm

Zipper is handmande and metalic fusion anti-allergenic with ecological nickel

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